Supplies that make my office… therapeutic

Tools for client success in my therapy office:

Time visuals

My clients never have to worry about losing track of time. Visual timers are spread throughout my office for convenient time-tracking. Ease-of-access with session timing helps us keep the session focused.

White noise machine

Client confidentiality is a huge value of mine. I always use a white noise machine to muffle the conversations between my clients and I. during sessions, this white noise machine is outside my door. My clients are confident that our sessions are private.

Hourglass minute timers.
Visual timer.

Foam Brain Model

This foam brain model is a great visual to use when providing psycho-education. It helps to use a visual when I explain brain development, cognitive psychology, or brain structures to clients.

Air purifier

My clients may deal with asthma and seasonal allergies. I know I struggle with allergies, personally! If you are allergic to dust or other allergens like me, this makes sessions more comfortable. 🙂

Feelings Wheel

The feelings wheel helps my clients recognize their emotions and get more in-tune with their feelings. When we are working together on emotional awareness, the feelings wheel helps clients recall and label their emotional state in real time.

Fidget toy.

Fidget toys

Fidget toys help with sustained attention. After all, 50-minutes is a long time for a session! I use fidget toys to offer extra stimulation that may help clients focus more effectively in therapy. Some people just prefer having something to toy around and fidget with.

Expandable Breathing Ball

My expandable breathing balls are what I use with child clients to teach diaphragmatic breathing. I model to them how the belly expands and collapses to breathe and self-soothe. Children are respectfully invited to breathe in sync with the expanding and contracting of the ball.

Breathing ball.


My child clients love the Play-Doh in my office. We use Play-Doh to play as we communicate about feelings and events. Play-Doh is a tool to open up and elaborate on therapeutic topics.

White Board

My white board is something my clients love about my office. When we use the white board, we list out goals together, explore options, and make plans. The white board is helpful to work together and make sessions more engaging.

My office supplies and why I choose them

The supplies in my office are carefully chosen to help clients with a variety of support needs. I do my best to think about clients of all backgrounds and be as culturally inclusive as possible. When I gain a client with a specific need or learning style, I am always looking to expand my collection. Do you have a therapy tool that you swear by? Send me a message and let me know. I would love to hear from you!

who is emily of oviedo, a counselor in oviedo fl experienced with kids and teens

About the author

Emily Berndt, M.A., Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern is a counselor in Oviedo, Florida who specializes in helping clients manage ADHD, improve their self-esteem, and tame their anxiety.

Looking for counseling in Oviedo, FL? I have availability for new clients in the afternoon and evenings on weekdays. Click here to connect with me.

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