A counselor you can depend on

You’re exhausted.

Finding a counselor you can depend on is hard work…

When you decide it’s time to call a therapist, it’s usually because you have a problem. Anything. Whether it be struggles with family, friends, health, work, or something else. You nail it down to a few main issues and try to figure out what exactly you’re looking for in a counselor.

You ask for therapy recommendations, browse the web, and maybe find a potential fit. You muster up the courage to reach out for help. You find their contact information and call in. If you’re lucky, you’ll speak to a counselor directly. You find someone accepting new clients, with appointments available. Once you schedule that first appointment, you’re hopeful for the future.

Frustrated over the phone sketch.

Ring, ring! “Let’s reschedule you.”

Just hours before the appointment, you get a call from your therapist’s office. It’s the front-desk assistant. The counselor has to cancel at the last minute. And it’s not even the counselor calling you, it’s their ASSISTANT

Wait… WHAT?!? After all that waiting and effort to find this counselor… they’ve canceled, on you?! 

But … you need their help…

You’re FRUSTRATED, EXHAUSTED, and maybe even feeling hopeless

Sound familiar?

This is an unfortunate, albeit common scenario faced by those seeking therapy; Especially those who go through their insurance. Many people prefer using their insurance benefits to cover therapy costs. Using insurance saves us money. 

Overwhelmed therapist.

The problem with big companies and insurance benefits

Many consumers want to save money. They use their insurance benefits to co-pay so that therapy is more affordable.  Counseling companies receive new client referrals daily. It’s not unusual for employees at these companies to see 30+ clients per week. Emails and calls are easily lost because there are just so many of them.  Therapists at these companies unfortunately can get pushed beyond their limits. They may get burnt out or cancel at the last minute. In that case, you have to fend for yourself. 

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

In my private practice, counseling is personal.

If you call, you’re speaking with me. Text? You’re texting me. Billing department? Me. Scheduling? Me. You aren’t being passed around and transferred from department to department. You don’t have to repeat yourself to assistants, nurses, or revolving counselors. 

I don’t hire out. I don’t overwork myself. I manage my stress and make mental space to support my clients deliberately. I refuse to work with egregious insurance companies. My clients are more than a paycheck.

As your counselor, I’m here for you. 

You don’t have to do everything alone. You just need to find the right help and be convinced of the difference it can make in your life. You can depend on me. Call or send me an email today! Let’s talk. 🙂 

Trustworthy counseling in Oviedo

Emily Berndt, M.A.

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

870 Clark Street (Suite #1030) Oviedo, Florida 32765

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