Apps To Improve Your Mental Health

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Calm your anxiety and stay present by practicing mindfulness


Headspace empowers users to take control of their mental health and wellness. This app offers guided meditations and breathing exercises. The speakers have soothing and melodic voices. If you have anxiety struggles, this is a great app to slow you down and relax you after an anxiety attack. Additionally, if you have a Netflix account, there are several free meditations that come with the Netflix subscription. Check out the Headspace series!


Calm is an app that helps immensely with stress reduction and relaxation.  Meditation, sleep, stories, white noise. See more about the Calm app here!

Challenge your brainpower with these learning apps

Mango Language

Challenge yourself and your brain power by learning a new language. Mango language has 70+ different languages available to learn. Users gain communication skills through reading and repeating phrases, taking quizzes, and reviewing vocabulary frequently. While Mango is typically $11.99 per month, many public libraries offer access for free with a library card.

Podcasts (iPhone)

This free iPhone app has tons of interesting mental health podcasts available. For example, Ten Percent Happier With Dan Harris, Radio Headspace, and many more. There are also great podcasters for learning and entertainment purposes, such as comedians and talk show hosts. Check them out on your next walk or cleaning spree.


Read audiobooks for free using the hoopla app. Many public libraries offer remote access to digital ebooks and audiobooks books with a library card. hoopla has a wide variety of books, including self-help, psychology, and other genres. Knowledge is power! Give your brain a workout and check out Hoopla today.


Another free audiobook app. If there’s a book you can’t find on hoopla, or if your library does not offer hoopla, OverDrive is a great alternative with a different catalog of books available.

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LinkedIn Learning

If you are looking to level up in your career, LinkedIn Learning is an app I highly recommend. They have courses on all kinds of professional topics, such as public speaking, management skills, digital marketing, emailing, and more. While LinkedIn Learning can be a paid app, many public library systems have it available for free to those with a library card.

Track moods and emotional states


Daylio journal, diary, and mood tracker

Daylio is a way of tracking moods, habits, and daily notes for months. Users can get daily reminders to track their moods, and track mood fluctuations throughout the day. This app is a great way of observing mood swings and taking notes on changing emotions. Back up your data and export it. Get notifications to track your feelings.

Journal (iPhone)

Reflect on life’s moments using the free Journal app on iOS. Make regular entries in a private journal. Protect notes with passwords. Use the free prompts for writing inspiration.

Plan and track healthy habits

Gamify your responsibilities using Finch

  • Track your healthy habits and take care of a virtual pet.
  • Gain in-game currency by completing tasks.
  • Set tasks that align with your personal goals.

Successful smoking cessation using quitSTART

Quit smoking and improve your mental health! This apps helps you track milestones in progress, gives you expert tips and advice, has helpful games and challenges, and distractions for those stopping smoking. Read more about this app and information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Reminders (iPhone)

Reminders is a free iPhone app that can help you track your daily to-do’s, plan future tasks, and set reminders. Users can set recurring reminders, for weekly, daily, or intermittent responsibilities: track duties and new skills like exercising, making calls, changing your windshield wipers, and more. If you struggle with organization, this is app is life-changing.

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Emily Berndt, M.A., is a counselor in Oviedo, Florida, who specializes in ADHD and youth anxiety. Click here to connect with me!

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