Five-Factor Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire Review

Trying to strength-find or career search with a client who’s nonspeaking? The Five-Factor Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire uses pictures to gain information about test takers’ personality traits.

Drawing of an assessment.

What is the Five Factor Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire?

A nonverbal personality test

The Five Factor Nonverbal Personality Questionnaire (FF-NPQ) was developed by Douglas Jackson, Sampo Paunonen, and Michael Ashton in 2004 to collect information on the personality traits of nonverbal adults. Because of the testing simplicity using photos instead of text, this assessment can be applied to adults with a variety of communication barriers. This includes people with reading and language difficulties and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Who can use the FF-NPQ?

Sigma Assessment Systems published this questionnaire with limited access as to who can administer and who can take the test.  Test takers must be a minimum of 17 years old. Access to purchase and administer the test is restricted to those qualified with a minimum of 4 years of psychology experience and post-graduate training in psychological assessments.

The practicality of the FF-NPQ

The FF-NPQ is relatively practical for test administration and test takers. Because of the limited verbal and written language needed to administer, there is very little training needed. There is also flexibility in how the FF-NPQ can be completed. The test can either be taken individually or in a group setting, and only takes around ten minutes to complete. There are online testing options available that may be preferred due to their immediate scoring.

Scoring of the FF-NPQ

Scoring for this assessments is given in the form of graphs, numbers, and scales that give visual representations of personality traits, based on the 5-factor Model of Personality, Personality Research Form, and Murray’s System of Needs. 

Price of the FF-NPQ

The FF-NPQ is priced at $60 for four online administration tests, account setup, and technical support (Sigma Assessment Systems, 2023). The physical, hand-scored test is priced at $74 and includes five answer sheets, five FF-NPQ profile sheets, and one reusable test booklet (Sigma Assessment Systems, 2023). The technical manual is listed at $205 and has restricted accessibility based on qualifications in psychology and test administration (Acer, 2022).

Psychometric Properties of the FF-NPQ

  • 319 Adult students at a Canadian university were tested as the norm group when developing this assessment.
  • The internal consistency reliability ranges from .61 to .84, and this is drawn from 10 internal samples.
  • The FF-NPQ has minimal test-retest reliability.
  • Convergent validity was determined by comparing scores by the same test-takers on the Personality Research Form, which is another personality assessment.
  • Content validity is negligible considering the visuals used for the test can be mentally interpreted differently between individuals taking the test.
  • There is limited research available regarding the reliability and validity of this test. The Mental Measurements Yearbook has critiqued the FF-NPQ, emphasizing the need for continued research and exploration.

A counselor reviews the FF-NPQ

When I first learned about the FF-NPQ, I was excited to learn more. Inclusion is a huge value of mine, and if it can help my nonverbal clients to feel seen and understood, I’m all for it. The test is relatively cheap and easy to administer, and gives results outlining basic personality details. However, there is more research needed for it to be considered a valid and reliable test. The FF-NPQ has some potential, but there is more to be researched before I fully trust it as a measurement tool.

Interested in buying the FF-NPQ Nonverbal Personality Test?

Click here to visit the Sigma Assessments website and purchase the FF-NPQ.

About the Author

Emily Berndt, M.A., is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Oviedo, Florida who specializes in kids and teen’s counseling. Interested in connecting? Click here to send me a message!

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